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Learn To Read Comics will post recommendations for lesson plans and ways to utilize the comic books and supplies we provide. Coming soon: curriculum related to the following:

  • Identifying new vocabulary words
  • Creating new dialog in existing window panes
  • Finishing the story
  • Creating your own superhero and describing their powers
  • Creating a storyboard scene or entire story
  • Studying dramatic narrative arcs
  • Establishing de-escalation and conflict resolution techniques through writing and illustration

 We are also looking for testimonials, anecdotes, and recommendations from creative teaching professionals on how they have incorporated comic book materials in constructive ways. 

Giveaway Events

Through Learn To Read Comics‘ education projects, every student and parent who attends our Donation Events will be given at least one free comic.

For schools, after-school programs, and community learning centers, there will be opportunities to receive an assortment of free comic books, neatly presented with individual covers and packaging.

Email us to request more info at or fill out our Application Form.


Academic Articles

True Nurse Stories

True Nurse Stories

A new comic book based on a series of real-life health care stories is being developed by Marvel Comics and the Allegheny Health Network in Pennsylvania. “True Nurse Stories”