About Us

Our Mission

Learn To Read Comics, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created by individuals who believe all students deserve a chance to learn how to read!

The primary mission of Learn to Read Comics is to motivate K-12 students to read, write, and think critically. Students learn these essential skills through access to new and exciting tools. Learn to Read Comics will provide the building blocks, tools and blueprints to become a successful reader, in the form of free comic books, dictionaries (English and Spanish/English), notebooks, pencils and pencil sharpeners, and related student supplies. In addition, we will provide suggestions on how teachers can utilize these tools and develop their own top-notch learning curriculum.

We strive to deliver opportunities for students to develop reading, writing, and artistic skills through the medium of comic books, captivating their attention, inspiring their imagination and motivating them toward a lifetime love of books and reading.

A Love of Reading

Learn To Read Comics believes in the power of internal motivation! While textbooks are expensive, heavy and have to be returned, we believe that inexpensive, bagged, boarded, new and used comic books are the solution! Comic books are a perfect literature medium that can easily transported and distributed to students.

Comic books can be stored in school classrooms or in a school library where they can be checked out. Another option is to distribute comic books to students for their own use or to trade with friends. Easy access and ownership of comic books cultivates language skills, bonding opportunities and a delighted connection to engaging reading materials.

Finally, the world of comic books offer multi-cultural, multi-universe, and multi-dimensional perspectives, opening children’s horizons, inspiring their imagination, and ultimately facilitating reading, writing, and learning skills which will last a lifetime.

Right vs. Wrong –  Good vs. Evil – Hero vs. Villain

Comics, comic books, and graphic novels are proven educational tools, especially when utilized with additional reinforcement teaching. Comic books can teach vocabulary, demonstrate ways to deal with adversity, and inspire children of all ages to strive to create a positive change in the universe.

Over the coming year, Learn to Read Comics will provide suggestions for instructional methods of utilizing comic books in a variety of subject curricula. Learn to Read Comics understands that any tool that is presented or given away without educational context cannot be expected to achieve its desired outcome. Delivering physical comic book materials in conjunction with exciting learning workshops and additional school supplies ensures that student learning and interest levels are retained.

Our online education materials will include downloadable videos featuring professional actors, voice actors, artists, and other associated professionals who will read original stories and share their creativity through interviews on how to draw, what inspired their characters, and narratives of their own life and industry experiences. We are currently preparing for copyright approvals that will allow those videos to feature story-lines involving popular heroes such as Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Superman, Hulk, and many more.

Giveaway Events

Through Learn To Read Comics‘ educational events, every student and parent who attends our Giveaway Events will receive at least one free comic book.

Schools, after-school programs, and community learning centers have opportunities to receive an assortment of free comic books, neatly presented with individual covers and packaging.

Email us to request more info at info@LearnToReadComics.org or fill out our Application Form.

Global Outreach

Learn To Read Comics thinks globally but also acts locally. We have donated our free supplies to after-school programs, childrens wards in hospitals, and community organized events both here in Los Angeles California, and abroad. We are always looking for new venues to donate our supplies and are always looking to expand our outreach to at-risk students. Listed below are the venues we have already given our supplies to. Contact us if you would like to join our group of SuperFriends! Some of our international projects: Locations of our most recent international projects include Port-Au-Prince in Haiti, Chișinău in Moldovia, and Oxnard, Los Angeles, and South Central Los Angeles in California.