The very active non-profit First Book organization is promoting an excellent “Time For Change” initiative, with the goal of helping students understand “Changemaking” as a personal and community goal. Changemaking is the idea that, in collaboration with othres, every person can apply creative solutions to address problems in their communities. We all have the power within us to be a changemaker.

The first step of introducing kids to the breadth of Changemaking is learning about and practicing “conscious empathy” in the classroom and throughout students’ lives.

To introduce the “conscious empathy” concept, First Book has created a compact, 3-page  Time Saver with 3 easy-to-implement exercises. This FREE resource shows you how to use any book to build perspective-taking with young people and then extend that reflection into practicing their active listening skills. With practice, this empathetic mindset will become a natural part of their changemaker toolbox.
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