By Rafael Motamayor

Batman: Hush is only the latest in a true-to-the-panel trend

When it comes to live-action movies or TV shows based on comic books, adaptations are usually loose. Movies like The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers: Infinity War take inspiration from classic storylines like No Man’s Land or The Infinity Gauntlet, but are not direct translations from the page to the screen. But Warner Bros. Animation has built an entire animated universe on doing straightforward adaptations of comics.

Some of the best known and most acclaimed comics in DC’s history have been made into comics-accurate animated movies, including a two-part The Dark Knight Returns film,Batman: Under the Red Hood,and All-Star Superman — all stand-alone stories with no continuity. Warner Bros. and DC have figured out how to do adaptations that stay true to comic books while firmly establishing the new continuity they’ve been building for the past seven years.

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