What do you get when the powers of an all-powerful wizard of old find a true champion? You get a hero who can fire lightning from his hands!!!

DC comics needed a contender in the ring and they bet on and won with Shazam! Don’t get me wrong students, Aquaman was good but Shazam! presented a new hero that can connect the Justice League to the cinematic world aside from Wonder Woman’s next flick.

The story follows Billy Batson and his quest to find his mom. He is quick and cunning and his strongest life-purpose is a reunion with the one person who means the most to him.

Unfortunately., he doesn’t realize how many opportunities he’s possibly missed for a happy family scenario until he comes to a group home that introduces him to his future bestie Freddy, who is quite the know-it-all and hero in his own right.

In all, this movie is a heart-warming family movie that make it fun to watch with younger students. Our star Billy is relatable as a big brother and Freddy proves that being a little weird is kind of cool. The beauty is that it truly shows how families can be different and that’s okay.

We of course have our villains and they are in turn pretty much the everyday struggles we face but all rolled into just one Dr. Sivana, who honestly just had a rotten childhood.

I’ve watched this movie twice just to prove to my buddy that it was in itself a good bridge for bringing back those DC fans and hopefully keeping them around since the Marvel Avengers are soon to end their ten-year storyline.

Here’s to wishing DC the best and you’ll enjoy this movie.

Till then students, have fun, read on and dream the impossible to be possible!! Shazam!!