My name is David Verdiner and I am the President of Learn To Read Comics, Inc. ( We are a non-profit located in Los Angeles, California, and we give away comics, writing and other reading materials to at-risk students through their schools and after school programs. We also donate to students who are staying in pediatric wards of our local hospitals. 

On behalf of Learn To Read Comics, Inc. and myself, we would like to thank Michael, Todd, his wife and John for their generosity! Their comics will create great opportunities for at-risk students to learn to read and bring much needed smiles to their faces. Comics are an easy way to engage students of all ages to learn how to read and more importantly, become motivated to read.

Thank you once again to Michael R.’s family and MagLiteracy Recycle!
David Verdiner
President, Learn To Read Comics, Inc.

Learn to Read Comics