Now Boarding for the Kessel Run!!
And board you should my young rebels, storm troopers, Sith lords and padawans! Solo: A Star Wars Story is just the latest installment of the George Lucas (via Disney) movie empire which director Ron Howard, who does more than just an incredible job of making this a most action-packed movie that any Star Wars fan needs to watch.

Giving Solo and Chewbacca their due spotlight, this movie gives us the foundational background about our dashing and daring pilot and co-pilot, as well as the perfect jump-off point for any parent wanting to turn their younglings into Star Wars fans. Lando provides the bridging storyline with an introduction of the Millennium Falcon and his incredible hustling skills and smooth moves.

There is so much more to list but I honestly can’t and won’t give more than I need to, but I will tell you this: now we know why Solo shoots first.
Till then kids have fun, read on and imagine the impossible to be possible.

SOLO STAR WARS STORY : Marvel Comic BookSOLO STAR WARS STORY : Marvel Comic Book