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Giving Event at a Local LA Hospital!
In May, for Free Comic Book Day, Learn To Read Comics organized a giving event for students staying at a local LA hospital In total, 50 students received books and learning materials in this giveaway.

Even if you aren’t feeling well, we realize that learning never stops. So, Learn to Read Comics offered a fun and exciting way for the students to immerse themselves in the adventure and fantasy that comic books offer to celebrate Free Comic Book Day.

But that’s not all, in addition to 300 comic books, we also donated 20 story books for the hospital pediatric library, 50 notebooks, 65 pencils/erasers/sharpeners, 5 sets of coloring pencils, and English + Spanish/English dictionaries. Students were also able to choose their own comics which included their favorite superhero!

We understand spending time in the hospital can be an arduous experience, and with comic and story books, students will have an opportunity to read something they love and enjoy.

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Whether in the classroom or in the hospital, students need motivation to continue their studies and grow their literacy skills. Just because a student is physically ill, that doesn’t mean learning stops.

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You thought that was all?

We also have special prizes and gifts for students who write a review of their favorite superhero, or review of a comic book.

Comic Books are a powerful educational tool, and we at Learn To Read Comics promote the love for reading and learning by providing a positive opportunity to stay motivated.

Inspire your imagination and stay strong! The world is yours to conquer.