Fly high and never giving up no matter what gets you down! It’s getting serious, the chips are down the universe needs help and guess who answered their pager!?!? None other than Captain Marvel!!

This is the perfect tie-in movie with  Avengers Endgame and students, it’s going to be an epic fight! Am I excited!?! Can’t you tell from there?

Well if you want to know why I’m on Cloud 9, this movie explains the origins of Nick Fury (somewhat) and one fledgling agent by the name of Coulson, a former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury’s right-hand man for very important missions!

There is action, puns aplenty, and one very sweet but feisty cat that is not a cat? Can’t give away too much but will say that it’s a great movie and worth the inter-galactic drama that spans into Guardians of The Galaxy level, wink, wink.

Best part of this movie is the opening Marvel credits to Stan Lee, whom we lost all too soon. I can tell you students with no shame that I teared up….no shame at all! The Amazing Visionary Stan Lee has brought so much wonder and joy to this universe, it really just makes me smile to think of his legacy.

I have to say the motivational and inspirational punch this movie delivers will undoubtedly hit home for many fans young and old alike and resonates in many positive ways.

Well students, that’s all I will divulge for now till next time when I give you the low down on Shazam!, Avengers Endgame and Dark Phoenix!

Till then students, have fun, read on and dream the impossible to be possible.

Onward and upward!

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