Under the sea! Under the sea!

Pretty sure that’s all I can use without getting into legal trouble with a pack of sharks from a certain theme park…hee hee!  Well, not to throw shade on one particular place of which I adore to bits, since they have provided an excellent array of super action-packed movies spanning a good decade. Today, I am going to give you the low-down on Aquaman from the DC cinematic ‘verse. So, scuba gear on!!

Aquaman is great in many ways and leaves no fishy aftertaste. The storyline, albeit a bit fast paced, is really good with plenty of flashbacks, quick historical references and a good dose of action. Special effects are pretty cool and you will not be disappointed!

Easter eggs abound from the director’s nod to past films from his cinematic career to why Manta’s helmet is so big, and a scene coinciding with a certain man of steel’s rescue from a watery disaster.

The storyline is pretty much a family affair and shows the rivalry between the different underwater kingdoms and not just within Atlantis. I truly recommend this film on the basis that it has so many elements to ogle at. Personally, I love that this character keeps to his land-dwelling name and not his super-hero namesake.

Next to keep an eye out for is Shazam! and the second installment of Wonder Woman from DC, as well as Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Till then kids, have fun, read on and dream the impossible to be possible!

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