Three grad students teamed up to use storytelling and cartoons to teach tough science topics

JKX Comics, an online publishing organization, turns complex science jargon into bite-sized comics for students to understand. These images of ecologist Danielle Lee (left), mathematician and physicist J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. (middle) and astrophysicist Aomawa Shields (right) were made to celebrate Black History Month.


Jaye Gardiner loves comic books, and she loves science. So sensing an opportunity, she decided to combine the two.

In 2015, Gardiner and two other friends, Khoa Tran and Kelly Montgomery, founded an online publishing company called JKX Comics. At the time, the three were pursuing Ph.D.s in different fields at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. And they knew how tough it can be to explain research or engage students in the nuances of science.

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